In 2004, the first pilots were held at the public libraries of Gouda, Boskoop and Bodegraven for the project 'Register van de Dag van Gister' (Yesterday's Register). In this project, the classic way of storytelling was mixed with the latest multimedia options.

Register van de Dag van Gister consisted of a piece of furniture for senior citizens interested in exploring the public library as an access point to new media. The fun of discovering the versatility of new media came first place. For this project, Waag developed a digital multimedia interface in the form of a cabinet, the Story Cabinet, that had an internet link and came with a dedicated website. The Story Cabinet had a distinct art deco look and was entirely made of wood.

This project was funded by the Province of South Holland and partly made possible by VSB Fund. It was carried out with partners Kunstgebouw, Probiblio and media artist Rosanne van Klaveren. Rosanne van Klaveren made a start with the content for the Story Cabinet by filling it with the stories of Norma Voombergh van Nispen. She also accompanied the participants at the libraries in adding their stories to the cabinet or their reactions on the story of Voombergh van Nispen.

In 2009, a entirely new was developed, that carries the same functionality, but in a much lighter desktop form.

Project duration

31 Jan 2004 - 3 May 2005



  • ProBiblio
  • Rosanne van Klaveren


  • VSB Fonds
  • Provincie Zuid-Holland