Jij en je Wijk ('You and Your Neighboorhood') was an innovative project in the field of environmental education. It was aimed at young people in the age of 11 to 14 years of age. The project ran at elementary schools within the regular school hours and at the two first classes of secondary education. Waag built the website for the project. The project was organized by the educational department Buurt en School of 'IJsterk' in Amsterdam.

The pilots were surveyed by the editors of Jij en je Wijk, by students of Talent INHOLLAND who ran the Amsterdam Young Press Agency and the Children day care center Villa Kadijken. The results could be followed on the website. What did they have to say? Which articles did they write and on what subjects? Which photos did they make? We will see the neighbourhood through the eyes of youngsters.

The aim of Jij en je Wijk was to give young people a voice. To let them show us their environment, and the role they are playing in their neighbourhood. The project tried to seduce youngsters to join society and express themselves in a creative way. They are taken seriously and their opinions are not taken for granted.

Project duration

5 Nov 2007 - 5 Dec 2008


  • IJsterk