De Zingende Stad ('The Singing Town') was a vocal, interactive multimedia art project. A tool to be used by children, their parents, youngsters, tourists - actually everybody - to enrich to everyday environment with their own virtual sound-signature.De Zingende Stad was a concept of Yo! Opera Werkplaats, Waag made a website, provided network services and educational support. In 2007 a pilot started in a neighbourhood Ondiep of Utrecht.

The website was a collection of so-called 'song trails'. These trails were made either with a mobile phone equipped with GPS or behind the computer. For the pilot, pupils of De Rietendakschool from Utrecht helped in collesting song trails. For the Yo Opera! Festival in November 2007, examples were made by children on their way home from school.

After the pilot in Utrecht, more projects followed during festivals in Rotterdam and Arnhem. Anyone with a GPS-equipped mobile phone could make a contribution, individually of as a part of a larger cultural event or exhibition. 

Project duration

31 Oct 2007 - 31 Oct 2008


  • Yo! Opera Werkplaats