Sunke Puell, facility manager Waag, by Jimena Gauna

Sunke PuellFacility Manager

Sunke Puell is Waag's facility manager. She manages the buildings de Waag, Huis de Pinto and the planet B location on the Amsterdam Science Park, and is the main contact for its landlords (city of Amsterdam and Stadsherstel). She is also responsible for all stagecraft and technical installations for both rentals and public events.

As facility manager, Sunke focuses on the internal logistics of the Waag building, for example by improving its storage facilities and its infrastructure. In the longer run, she will ensure the ecological sustainability of both the organisation and the buildings of Waag. The internal restructuring of the Waag building is important to her: she develops exposition systems, works on the opening up of certain spaces, and is involved in the thought process on how to share its atmosphere and infrastructure.

Sunke was educated as a theater technician at Amsterdam's Theatre school, and, for the last ten years, worked as project lead for a company that made lighting, AV and system designs. In this position, she worked with tens of museums from their system designs to their openings, on the technical level. Next to technical designs, she regularly was a project lead for festivals, events and theatre companies. She also made and realised the exposition designs of various artists.

Sunke lives in the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood and views the Nieuwmarkt as her town square. Being an all-rounder, she likes to take up various projects outside of her work, such as manually replacing the water element in her dishwasher, baking small tarts that look store-bought, and learning to speak accentless Dutch, as it is not her native language.