Doing it iterative

In the Express to Connect project, the concept design and the technical implementation of the game prototypes is run by Waag. Taco van Dijk works at Waag as a back-end developer on the technology behind the E2C game. His team consists of concept developers, graphical designers, software developers and a sound designer.

What kind of feedback did you get regarding the first game concepts?
It appears that the designed gameplay succeeded to create feelings of social connectedness. We gained better understanding on what was perceived as fun, exciting or boring in the game. We also got valuable feedback on how one iPad could be used in groups.

What has happened since?
We focused our work into one game concept, and designed and developed it further. Using an iterative process, we tried, tested and adjusted several game board layouts, interaction principles and gameplay mechanics. We continued the work until we came up with something that all the team members were pleased with.

What has been the most important issue to be resolved?
The main concern has been how to adjust the social setting around the traditional board game into iPad, a device that has clearly been designed for a single person’s use only.

What are the next steps for Waag?
For one, we’re going to further develop the remaining concepts, based on the application framework we have created earlier. We have also started to integrate social networks into the game. The test trials started in January 2012 and since then we have been busy in applying their results into the game.

(From the Express to Connect Newsletter 8 May 2012)



Sabine Wildevuur