The overall objective for the Express to Connect consortium was to develop, test and deploy a service that stimulates and facilitates personal storytelling. It also enables interest-based connections and communications among elderly people, hereby empowering them and enriching their lives. Express to Connect addressed the overall European challenge of preventing loneliness and isolation amongst elderly people.

As an result of this project, three iPad games were developed. All games have in common that they want to trigger storytelling and conversation by using personal material in an interactive way.

Service designed together with users

One of the key ideas in the Express to Connect consortium is that the creation of a truly valuable service has to be done together with the elderly themselves. A group of senior citizens is strongly involved in conceptualizing, developing and testing the service. Activities started with workshops in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Halmstad and Helsinki. The workshops provided the basis for the service, resulting in a prototype. Elderly people will have the opportunity to test the service as part of their everyday lives.

International co-operation

Express to Connect was co-funded by the European Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme. The programme aims to enhance senior citizens’ quality of life and strengthen the industrial base in Europe. This is done by using information and communication technologies.

Express to Connect had partners in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The consortium included both companies and research institutions: Copenhagen Living Lab, Waag, Substanz, Heutink, Halmstad University, Halmstad Municipality, Forum Virium Helsinki and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Project duration

22 Mar 2010 - 1 Mar 2013




  • Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Laurea
  • Halmstad Living Lab
  • Halmstad Municipality
  • Substanz A/S
  • Copenhagen Living Lab


  • Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL-2)
  • ZonMw