Open Development Camp

Mieke van Heesewijk from Waag will give a presentation at the ‘Open Development Bootcamp’ in Amsterdam about the concept behind the Smart Citizen Kit. Together with Un Habitat, Mieke will discuss the (future) possibilities of how low-cost, open source hardware devices can be implemented in countries without an official measurement institution. 

Global smart citizens

By empowering individuals with the tools to conduct research themselves, citizens will become immediately more involved in the environment they inhabit. This involvement could create new, dynamic relationships between citizens, scientists, and policy makers. 

About Open Development Camp

In just 25 years, the internet and the world wide web have drastically changed the way we connect and organise. Groups and communities with access to the technology become more open and creative in finding new solutions to their problems.

They become less dependent on big institutions and are more capable of organising themselves. We see a rise of open organisations; a globally expanding mesh of networked community initiatives. Their common ideology is to share: knowledge, information, tools, and data.

This 4th edition of Open Development Camp is organised by Open for Change, the network for Open Development, and DE CONNECTORS, a crossmedia agency connecting organisations with new generations.


De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR, Amsterdam