Out of the Cradle workshop

In ongoing research Waag is exploring human outer space activities. During this Out of the Cradle workshop we bring together individuals and institutions from different domains to discuss and develop scenarios in which citizens are involved in space activity.

The Space 4.0 era began to involve not only governments, industry and academia but also citizens in space activities. With this Out of the Cradle workshop we aim to find novel perspectives and create opportunities that can develop more inclusive space society. In this workshop we aim to gain understanding in existing practices and open topics for further development.

At Waag, we recognised a lack of societal, cultural, humanistic and artistic perspectives of human outer space activities. Space agencies already invest in delivering benefits to the citizens (ESA) and humankind (NASA) by exploring the deepest realms of a Universe, the foundations of our physicality and augmentations of our everyday surroundings. With Out of the Cradle we aim to contribute to the existing activities also more citizen-centred perspectives of outer space utilisation. We want to develop a public interface between established domains, interdisciplinary missions to advocate non established humanistic and social studies beyond Earth’s atmosphere and showcase human space activities as a cultural and not only technological venture.

There is limited space for this event.

This program has been developed with our partner Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT).


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam