Smart citizens @ Taiwan

Mieke van Heesewijk (Project developer) will speak at the "Intelligent Living Space" seminar in Taipei, Taiwan about the Amsterdam Smart Citizen project. 

The seminar will be held at NTUH International Convention Center on 18th. November 2014. The targeted attendees are government officials and domestic building and ICT industry specialists.

The presentation topics include:

  • The Smart Citizen project, technology, current status, and response from participants in Amsterdam
  • What kind of information was revealed from the gathered data of the Smart Citizen project? How can the city government take advantage of these data?
  • Waag's vision on big data and smart cities

The organizer of the seminar is the Industrial Technology Research Institution of Taiwan within an execution team for “The Intelligent Living Space Project” of the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) - Ministry of the Interior Taiwan. For the past eight years, ABRI has been responsible for promoting the Intelligent and Green Building industrial development in Taiwan through formulating governmental policies, establishing the “Building Labeling System” for evaluating Green and Intelligent Buildings, and incentives to push the growth of the ICT and Architecture industries.


NTUH International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan