Steamconf Barcelona

Karien Vermeulen from Waag's Creative Learning Lab, will present and host a workshop at Steamconf 2018 Barcelona on April 19-21st.

Educators around the world gather at this event in Barcelona for unique professional development opportunities with the education approach of STEAM, using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Karien will talk about her experiences with maker education at Waag in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Through examples of cool projects of interdisciplinary learning practices that combine creativity and technology, she will show how you can develop a 'maker mindset'. Creative Learning Lab of Waag has built a learning community and a city-wide infrastructure of maker spaces with partners, offering every child the access and opportunity to develop their creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills.

She will also host a 'Magic Machine workshop', a concept by artist Kristina Andersen that taps into motivation and imagination, is a great equaliser, and helps to overcome possible fear of making. This exercise allows ideas to come to fruition and even to take physical form by actualising them with making.


Cosmocaixa, Barcelona, Spain