A board game for a smarter city

Ester van der Geest

On March 6th, Waag launched Code for NL: an initiative that connects innovative fellows with semi-government professionals. One understands the latest technology while the other can provide the administrative knowledge. Together, they can create concrete ICT solutions to tackle social problems—the best of both worlds!

A board game for a smarter city

A group of (sort-of) semi civil servants busy with spools of yarn, wooden game-pieces, cardboard boxes, and city maps makes for an interesting sight. It almost resembles game of Risk—albeit a more productive one. Perhaps this is what you get when you combine innovative engineers and designers with professionals from the public domain. Together, they found creative solutions to complex urban problems through using playful tools, and making problems visible during one of the Code for NL workshops.

Why Code for NL?

Governments face huge challenges these days. Citizens want more and better information, and wish to use innovative services. With Code for NL, The Netherlands joins a worldwide network of civic innovators who are helping to transform their own communities by using technology to improve government and foster citizen engagement.

You can find the photoreport of Code for NL here

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