RICHES Co-creation toolkit

Co-creation brainstorm toolkit

Waag has developed a co-creation brainstorm toolkit for cultural heritage professionals to assist them in defining their co-creation process. It has its place very early on in a co-creation project. Practically the toolkit guides you and your team through a structured brainstorm process. The brainstorm is set up in such a way that it will help you to critically look at your own ability as an organization to engage in co-creation, explore the skills you need, identify potential stakeholders for your co-creation trajectory and clearly define the impact you want to have.

The co-creation brainstorm toolkit consists of: game master instructions, that will guide you through the session; a printable mat, which consists of three (colored) circles of attention, helping you to physically ‘lay out’ your conversation on the table; collaborative exercise cards, containing instructions for the brainstorm; canvasses, helping to visualize or storyboard your ideas; method cards, illustrating our favorite co-creation methods to choose from.

The toolkit was developed within the European RICHES project, that explored the link between cultural heritage institutions and our personal experience of identity and belonging.

Co-creation brainstorm toolkit



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