Collaboration in the field of design and healthcare

Sabine Wildevuur

In Sheffield (UK), the third European Design4Health-conference took place from 13-16 July 2015. The overall theme of this meeting was the synergy of the practice. Multidisciplinary collaboration in the field of design and healthcare was viewed from from different angles.

One tool to collaborate in healthcare projects is the People Value Canvas (PVC), designed by Waag to map the need of seniors in the field of social connectedness (read more about this in the book 'Connect: Design for an Empathic Society' published in 2013).

People Value Canvas

People Value Canvas (PVC)

On Wednesday 15 July, I presented ‘Designing value to enable chronic disease management through information and communication technology: The People Value Canvas’ in a session about methods and models. I took this opportunity to propose how the PVC can also be used in the context of the support of managing chronical diseases. It can give insights how technology can better correspond to the needs of the users.

Meanwhile, Hester van Zuthem, concept developer at Waag, presented her poster on the evolution of self management of diabetes type 1 and the changing role of design in this process. She also participated in the '24h Design Challenge'. Read more about this in her own contribution.

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