Sabine Wildevuur

Sabine WildevuurHead of Programme

Sabine Wildevuur worked as Head of Programme for healthcare projects at Waag's Creative Care Lab.

How can ICT applications, electronic communication and the internet play a supporting role in the policy where the patient / client is central? Can creative technology reduce pressure on care, reduce costs and increase accessibility and quality?

By bringing together various parties involved in healthcare in innovation workshops and design workshops, she looks for answers to these questions. Innovation in healthcare requires a new perspective on the problems in healthcare and a new approach, such as that of the creative industry.

Closed projects


Viruses biolab visual
Creative Care Lab
U-TOPIA sets the first step towards the empowerment of older Human Immunodeficiency Virus-patients.

eHealth in chronic disease self-management

Health and DNA
Creative Care Lab
In this project we dived into the conditions that are necessary to be able to continue living independently with a chronic illness via eHealth applications.

Healthy food choices among youngsters

Creative Care Lab
A research to stimulate healthy food choices among young secondary school students by leveraging social norms.

Grey & Green (GRAGE)

Old age in Jardin du Luxemburg Paris
Creative Care Lab
GRAGE intended to develop ideas to promote an active, harmonious, and inclusive citizenship for elderly people living in urban contexts.

Gene coop at DDW 2017
Open Wetlab
DNA is the most personal data available. Where is your DNA stored? And with whom do you want to share it? We believe citizens should remain owners of their genetic data.

Amsterdammers, maak je stad!

Amsterdammers, maak je stad!
Creative Care Lab
Through this project, we supported city-makers, active citizens and social entrepreneurs with their initiatives to make our city a better place for everyone.

DIY finger splint

DIY finger splints on fingers
Care Lab
Suffering from a malformed or painful finger? In many cases, a finger splint can help. A precise fit is required.


Creative Care Lab
Frail elderly often have to endure an arduous rehabilitation process after hipsurgery. To support this proces towards regaining functionality we have developed the game application ZELFIE. ZELFIE is specifically aimed at training functional activities, and at promoting self-reliance.


Low cost prosthesis prototype foot
Care Lab
Together with patients, health professionals (in education), hospitals, (young) designers, artists and healthcare entrepreneurs, we explore how stakeholders in healthcare themselves can be creator of solutions.