Creative labs show the way

Frank Kresin and Jorn Dost researched the role of Creative Labs in regard to Dutch education. They interviewed nine different labs across the country and presented the results at the Education Days 2012 (De Onderwijsdagen), on November 14th, 2012. This gathering of policy makers and professionals from education in The Netherlands is yearly organized by the SURF Foundation and presents the latest trends in the field of education. Waag presented two sessions on technology and creativity in education at the event.

Their presentation about Creative Labs is available as a pdf file.

Creative Labs in education

In the coming years employment in the IT branch will increase explosively; this makes it more than ever important to make this world more accessible. Creative Labs can play an important role in this process. How can these work space where creativity and technology meet be used in nowadays education? To get more insight in the possible role Frank Kresin and intern Jorn Dost researched the situation. They interviewed nine different labs throughout the country and presented their results at the Education Days.

Creative Labs, what are they?

Within many educational and research organisations so-called Creative Labs are used: work spaces or environments where creativity can be stimulated. The labs are commonly used in education and research as well as for internships and assignments and produce interesting results. These can exist of the development of ideas or concepts, but also user research, physical prototypes or products and services that are ready to be marketed. At the core is that research and hands-on development are influencing each other; thinking trough making and things that are made to think better.



Frank Kresin