Within many educational and research organisations so-called Creative Labs are used: work spaces or environments where creativity can be stimulated. Multi-disciplinary teams are working on solutions for complex problems, in which often social, psychological, technical or economical factors play a role.

The labs are commonly used in education and research as well as for internships and assignments and produce interesting results. These can exist of the development of ideas or concepts, but also user research, physical prototypes or products and services that are ready to be marketed. At the core is that research and hands-on development are influencing each other; thinking trough making and things that are made to think better.

There are many Creative Labs in all sorts and sizes, spread throughout the country. In 2011, a Special Interest Group was established that brought the people involved at these labs together. The participants organized meetings a couple of times per year to exchange experiences, share knowledge and explore the possibilities for further cooperation.

One of the results was a publication in which a number of participating labs in The Netherlands are presented. A paper ws published and a presentation for an educational gathering called 'De Onderwijsdagen'.

Project duration

1 Jan 2012 - 1 Jan 2013



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