Creativity in a brainwave

The Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg is writing a novella while wearing electrodes that measure his brain waves. Under the guidance of a team (neuro)scientists he measures his emotions and brain activity while he is writing his newest book. And if that isn't enough, there are also plans to do the same experiment with the readers of the novella. The ultimate aim is to determine whether readers undergo the same emotive experience as the writer at corresponding parts of a text.

The creative process is never an easy one to define. So it possible to measure something intangible as inspiration and creativity? And will wearing an EEG device influence the writing proces?

I asked it Arnon Grunberg myself during an interview in de Waag in Amsterdam for the Hack the Brain event.

Hack the Brain - Interview with Arnon Grunberg from Waag on Vimeo.



Frank Kresin