Waag Nieuwmarkt

Dutch Culture Council advice: Waag as Futurelab design & technology

The Dutch Culture Council has nominated Waag to become a Futurelab design & technology for the period 2021-2024 in its advice to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

'The institution organizes research and development activities in the field of technology and design around current social issues and uses an interdisciplinary and broad definition of design,' the council writes in its subsidy advice to the minister.

In addition, the Council notes that 'Waag dares to take a stand without repeating yourself. Waag always starts from the moral point of view that public values ​​should be defended and people should be helped to get a grip on their lives and their living environment.'

Marleen Stikker, director Waag: 'We are very pleased with this advice. The council recognises the importance of art and culture in the design of our future. We look forward to involving a broad representation of residents in this.'

The entire advice of the Council for Culture about Waag can be read here (in Dutch).