Embodied Learning bij NTR

Embodied learning on tv

An educational special of the Dutch television programme 10xBeter of the NTR featured two of our embodied learning projects. The embodied learning installation by Marloeke van der Vlugt and a virtual reality game 'Superhelden Eiland' were part of an extra long broadcast.

Embodied learning is a form of learning where to whole body is used to get results. In an Embodied Learning environment the interaction between body and the space has a central position. The body and physical movement are thus an important interface for learning in a hybrid space (both virtual as physical). The thought behind it is that physical interaction can stimulate existential learning. Wearables, tangible intelligent objects, sensor technology, motion-tracking and interactieve video all come together in this way of learning, stemming from physical action.

10xBeter is a programme of the NTR with tips for a better life, presented by Harm Edens.