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Exploration of the future #4: down south

After our explorations of the future in the north, the west and the east of the Netherlands, in July Waag headed down south to talk to people about their hopes and dreams for the future. Because, in order to create an open, fair and inclusive future, Waag wants to know what people see, dream and hope for when they think of the future. What if we could start a new planet: planet B - what would you take with you, and what would you leave behind?

Read the exploration of the future in Venlo in Dutch


More information

  • Walk towards the future with Waag! In our four thematic walks, explore the future of data, the land, the North Sea or the smart city in your own time.
  • All input from both the thematic walks and the explorations of the future will form the basis for Expedition: future, a four-day event filled with workshops, walks, debate, food and music, from 23-26 September in Amsterdam. Join us!