Extensive workshop toolkit available

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Waag developed a unique and extensive Design Thinking workshop toolkit, that enables citizens in Georgia, Egypt and Armenia to work on their future. In April, May and June of 2014 we gave three-day workshops in these countries commissioned by UNDP, in which citizens developed sustainable solutions for societal challenges. In 'Make the Future' citizens were given the opportunity to create their future.

The workshops were focused on 'design thinking'. Participants learned to design creative solutions and develop prototypes. This empowered them to be actively involved to build the future they anticipated. The toolkit offers a complete manual (pdf) and all the used design files, available for free under a Creative Commons license. The toolkit also contains the results of the given workshops.

UNDP has partnered with Waag for her expertise on creative processes and co-creations design, but mainly on her expertise on applied technology. These technologies stimulate the innovative talents of local groups and citizens.