FAB11 Boston
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FAB11 Conference in Boston

The 11th annual Fab Lab Conference will this year be held in Boston (US). Drawing from over a decade of field experience, Fabbers are creating an interactive Fab11 program that includes hands-on workshops, talks, planning meetings, project demonstrations, Fab Academy graduation, Global Fab Awards, a Fab Youth track, informal opportunities to connect and fabricate and, of course, fun celebrations of our network. Join your colleagues at Fab11 and expand the impact you have on your world!

International Fab Lab Network members from more than 450 labs in 55 countries are gathering in August 2015 in the birthplace of the Fab Lab concept. We come together this year to explore how the ability to “Make (almost) Anything” is impacting individuals, communities, businesses and collaborative research and projects from Detroit to Togo, Barcelona to Shanghai and everywhere in between. At Fab11, members will share technical expertise, best practices, and the powerful stories behind Neil Gershenfeld’s statement “The power of Digital Fabrication is social, not technical”.

Fab11 Symposium

The Fab Symposium: Making : Impact will take place August 6th at Boston’s famed Symphony Hall. It is a one-day, public event that explores the principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication. This year our focus will be on the incredible makers who have emerged from fab labs and digital fabrication education over the last 12+ years, who have made significant social, economic and community impact in the world and who are inventing the future. From the White House to Google to Barcelona to Togo, these makers are changing the world around us. Details about speakers and participants will be updated frequently on the conference schedule web page and via social media channels.