Maakplaats 021 twee jaar

Five new 'Maakplaatsen' in the city

During the celebration of the two-year anniversary of the 'Maakplaatsen' in Amsterdam, programme manager Sacha van Tongeren revealed the locations of the five public maker spaces that will be opened in the coming years: Javaplein, Staatsliedenbuurt, Molenwijk, Mercatorplein and Osdorp. That will bring the total to 11 'Maakplaatsen' in the city, the network maker spaces in Amsterdam at the public libraries (OBA).


During the meeting, the first copy of Maakazine was also presented to OBA Children's Director Lucy Ibrahim. Curious about the past two years Maakplaats 021? And the role that making can play in the lives of children and neighbourhoods?

Have a look at the first issue online (the content is in Dutch)