Het Gouden Oog

Golden Eye awards 2013

This year for the first time the new Dutch NTR media award for innovative teachers that are using video in their lessons has been handed out: the Gouden Oog (Golden Eye).

The competition responds to the educational inovation trend called Flipping the Classroom, where watching digital educational instructions outside the classroom is the key. This method leads to more time for individual attention to pupils in the classroom. Pupils are getting their lessons and instructions in their own pace while the teachers has a more facilitating role. Many teachers are now, in a creative way, using the possibilities of video and the internet.

In 2010, the Creative Learning Lab experimented with this in the project Pupils for Pupils, with instructional videos made by the pupils themselves through stop motion animation. The winning video can be watched here. Other good examples are the Kahn Academy and the videos of history teacher Jelmer Evers.