jeferonix BY-SA

Hack your environment with Twine

Last year at Kickstarter the project Twine was launched, a turquoise box full of sensors. The promise of this device with a standard set of accelerometers, thermometers and other sensors was that you could easily set up a measuring device, that can send you alerts wirelessly when a certain preset condition is met.

Now that the first boxes have landed, the first user experiences are getting in. And it seems that this box lives up to its promise. The box itself hardly contains any features, the interaction with it runs through a webapp. The sensors itself are not very special, most DIY people will be familiar with them. But the easy of use of the Twine seems to be fine.

The Verge published an extensive test and gives some good examples of what you can do with the Twine. It gives the device a score of 7.9 and praises the good stuff: cute design, simple software, sensors work as promised. The bad stuff: poor battery life, occasionally erratic alerts and may not be as useful for everyone. But it looks as this is a useful set for us to work with in certain educational settings or in DIY Bio experiments. Let try it out!