ISOC Award 2016

The Internet Society Netherlands has announced the winners and runners-up of the Internet Innovation Award, which recognises the most innovative projects on the Internet over the past year.

This year's Innovation Award winner, the team from The Things Network (led by Wienke Giezeman and Johan Stokking), was announced in Amsterdam during the Internet New Year Meeting 2016. The Things Network is an 'Internet of Things' network, based on the technology LoraWAN, that is crowdsourced, free, and open.

We are also happy to announce that Waag's initiative, Code for NL, was among the nominees for the Innovation Award. While Code for NL did not win the award, we were excited to see that each project was illustrated with colourful cartoons by artist, Anne Stalinski. The cartoon below has been translated from the original Dutch for your benefit.

If you'd like to read more about the Innovation Awards (and see more interesting cartoons in Dutch), you can visit the Internet Society Awards website.