Future that Was
Goda Budvytytè BY

LIMA new platform for media art

Beginning in January, 2013, LIMA, located in Amsterdam, is the new platform for media art. Experts who previously worked at the NIMk have established this new foundation to assure that the knowledge, collection, conservation and distribution -which NIMk offered prior to its closing- will not be lost. Gaby Wijers, formerly head of conservation and collection at the NIMk, is the director of this new initiative.

In the coming years LIMA hopes to develop into the Dutch and international access point for media art for the long term, and plans to offer a comprehensive range of services in this field. The combination of active distribution, conservation and research is crucial for this vision. LIMA is committed to the showing of existing and future media art works, under new circumstances and with new conditions.

The closing of the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) is a fact as of the end of 2012. All the activities of the NIMk will cease and the foundation will be disbanded. LIMA is working on agreement with the NIMk regarding the transfer of collections and accompanying apparatus. This means that LIMA, in combination with its expertise, can get off to a running start and work at a professional level from day one. For the NIMk this means that despite its closure, its concern and interest in heritage in the field of art and technology will be continued in the future.

From 7 January, 2013, LIMA offers services for the management, preservation and distribution of media art.