Waag, picture edit by Far Too Close
Far Too Close/Waag ©

Listen to FAR TOO CLOSE, about de Waag

Today marks the launch of FAR TOO CLOSE, a podcast in which four students from University of Amsterdam research the forgotten colonial histories of six buildings in the university area of Amsterdam. What stories can they find in the buildings where they usually attend their lectures and perform their studies? And what should we do with a past that feels so far away, but is actually still very close to our lives today?

In the second episode of FAR TOO CLOSE, Laure, Maaike, Maartje and Iris pay a visit to de Waag. Marleen Stikker and Dick van Dijk, lead of Waag's Future Heritage Lab, give them a tour of the building.

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Trigger warning: this podcast contains historical footage that today could be experienced as shocking.