Kneewalker prototype
Angelika Grundmann BY-NC-SA
Fablab prothese voet
Waag BY
Low Cost Prosthesis
Bert Otten BY
Fablab prothese
Waag BY

The low cost prosthesis goes to Barcelona

Over the years, students and interns from Fablab Amsterdam have created several low-cost prosthesis prototypes using various materials (like pineapple fibres and recycled plastic). Recently, intern Angelika Grundmann worked in our Fablab at a pvc prosthetic foot and a so-called "kneewalker" to test the prosthesis.

This autumn, some of these prostheses prototypes will be featured in the exhibition, HUMAN+ : The future of our species, at the Centre of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona. The exhibition explores the possible future roads for our species, taking into account emerging technologies and our cultural and ethical context. What does it mean today to be a human being? From Assisted Reproduction Techniques and incipient experiments in synthetic biology, to the possibility of perpetuating ourselves through the digital sphere, our lives are conditioned and defined by scientific discoveries and the technologies deriving from them.

You can find out more about the exhibition here.