Low-cost prosthesis: using recycled plastic

Bo Reurings recently continued the research for a low-cost, self-adjustable prosthesis at Fablab Amsterdam. Her predecessor, Stein Steenbergen, had worked on a local material for the case, made from natural fibres and Bo started where he left, now working with recycled plastic instead.

She did some thorough research of recycled plastic and how this might be used, by creating a prototype version. As she recounts in her documentation: "The idea for the material of the case was to recycle used plastic and maybe combine this with pineapple fibres, to make it strong and flexible at the same time. Plastic is a material that you can find everywhere around the world. There is a lot of plastic trash floating in the ocean. This is a big problem for the environment and our food chain. To stop this problem we need to find a way to reuse and recycle plastic."