Amsterdam gebouwen in 3D
Parallel/3D Geoinformation Group BY

Map of all buildings now available in 3D

The interactive map of all buildings in the Netherlands that Bert Spaan made in 2013 continues to inspire people. A developer of the English Parralel from Leeds was looking for the year of construction of his son's apartment in Amsterdam and saw it as a good opportunity to update the map to a 3D version.

The 3D version uses the open data from the 3D BAG developed by the Geoinformation Group of TU Delft and the most recent version of Mapbox GL, in which 3D information can also be processed, such as the height of buildings.

This yields a completely different map image than the original version of the map, which is still regularly consulted. The wall maps (for sale at 'Werk aan de Muur') that are made with the map material are also regularly sold. The maker also found inspiration in the work of Niene Boeijen, who previously did an internship at Waag and later organised the meetings of Maptime Amsterdam.

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