Mapping energy labels in The Netherlands

The atlas of energy labels puts all buildings in The Netherlands and their respective energy labels on the map.

Developers Bert Spaan and Taco van Dijk and project manager Job Spierings of Waag have developed the online interactive version based on an earlier map production of all buildings in the Netherlands. Bert Spaan about his contribution to this project:

"I designed the map layers with TileMill (open source mapping software), and an API that refreshes the labels, links the appropriate buildings and renders these spots on the map. Through this API, the map viewer can find energy labels in a municipality or for specific buildings and one can search for place names and postal codes with street numbers.

The map handles a lot of data: we link 10 million records of the foundation Meer Met Minder (Less with More) to the addresses of the official register of addresses (BAG). There is a continuous flow of new label information and the map is constantly being updated. Also, a new version of BAG is published every month, that also has to be imported."

​The atlas gives home owners the possibility to use their knowledge about their homes to further improve the quality of the provided energy labels.