Researcher Waag

Mapping the microbes of Amsterdam

On Wednesday 10 August we went hunting for bacteria in the city, more specific in the red light district of Amsterdam. Starting from our pop-up store Red Light Pet Shop at Gallery Schatjes, the tour 'Catch your pets in the wild' roamed the streets, guided by Geert Sillevis, and armed with petri dishes and cotton swabs.

On their way, many microbes were collected, which will be determined at our Open Wetlab. They will form a map of the microbial life in the area. From door knobs, bar stools and gambling machines at bars to urinals, canal water and garbage in the streets. This is the route that was taken with the local findings:

Reg Light Petshop tour

Watch the following atmospheric impression of the tour. Here are the photos I made of the tour:

Red Light Pet Shop City Tour