Brainwash talk Marleen Stikker

Marleen Stikker appointed professor of practice at HvA

Waag's director Marleen Stikker was named professor of practice by HvA, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Starting January 2021, she will focus on the subject of digitalisation. The faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry nominated Marleen for this position.

'As a Professor of Practice, Marleen Stikker will help us shape the transformation towards a digital society. Marleen is of big influence on the thinking about responsible, user-centered development of technology. Last year, she successfully launched her book 'Het internet is stuk, maar we kunnen het repareren' ('the internet is broken, but we can repair it'). This title typifies her: critical, but ever constructive. That suits HvA excellently. Also: this is about more than internet. Digitalisation influences our education and research greatly, because it rigorously changes both the way we do it and the contents of it. Our current situation, which sees us doing most of our activities online, without us having time to think about what this actually means, shows us just how urgent this subject is. In January, Marleen will hold her inauguration speech and she will then be officially installed. I am looking forward to it,' says Geleyn Meijer, rector of HvA, in a press statement.

HvA works with professors of practice to inspire them on strategic subjects, both topically and focused on the future. Marleen Stikker is the second professor of practice to commit to HvA. Kate Raworth, economist known for her circular economy theory called 'donut economy', was first to commit to HvA as professor of practice. Marleen is looking forward to shaping the digital future together and to connect herself to Kate Raworth's programme.