Smart Kids measuring

Measuring tools for kids now available in English

The first online platform to let children build their own sensors, Smart Kids Lab, is now also available in English. In this way children, at home or school, can learn in a playful way to measure their surroundings.

The online platform offers children a number of tests, varying from homemade tools to measure particulated matter or the clarity of water. All nine sections are now translated and available for download as a pdf on the website.

It took some time before a translation was available, as all the materials are handdrawn, making it more complicated to trasnlate. Thanks to our translator/designer Laurie Skelton we now have all parts available in English, enabling people to start with citizen science at a young age.

Smart Kids Lab was one of the three Amsterdams pilots in Making Sense, a European project that researches ways to stimulate community driven data collection and action on environmental issues.

The translated versions of the tools can be found at the website and the projectpage (see below).