New kid on the block

The visitors of our Fablab will now find a giant new laser cutter in the space, dwarfing our previous machine.

This new BRM machine has a working area of 120x160 cm, causing it to fill up a considerable part of the Fablab! And, as usual with new machines, there were quite a number of adjustments to make before it could be used properly.

In first instance, some of the cut-out forms showed imperfections (see photos). These were caused by a pretty long list of shortcomings in the adjustment of both hardware and software. It took quite some work, but everything is working fine now.

The new machine does need a different approach, that we will document shortly. It takes some effort of users to get accustomed to. The machine uses its own software (Lasercut 5.3), that does not allow direct printing files from Illustrator.