Open Data FWD - smart mobility

Job Spierings

Within the context of the Open Data FWD challenge, Waag had organized an event in collaboration with the City Utrecht and the Digital City Agenda, Green City. The day was filled by an interactive program about smart mobility and open data, since local politics and web developers need each other in this open data topic.

Current challenges and potential solutions

Jeroen Duurland, representative of City Utrecht, talked about the development of generic open data realization and Chris van Aart, director and mobile producer at 2CoolMonkeys, presented five current open-data statements. Besides that there was a short extra explanation about the Open Data challenge by DIVV and a talk session to map out all the questions regarding open data issues.

The outcome of the day? The government has to stimulate standardisation, or at least harmonisation between all the different kinds of sets. This will help web developers and companies to work with all the available data.


About the author

  • Job Spierings is Operations & Transitions Director at Waag.