Free data for accessible cities

Open Data FWD is a project of the Department of Infrastructure, Traffic & Transportation (DIVV) and Waag. Together with other Dutch municipalities and developers we are looking for digital solutions to specific urban issues. For applications that use, improve or enrich open data. New data, new issues, new business!

Open Data has become an increasingly important theme the last years in the city of Amsterdam, specifically for the DIVV. Open Data FWD consists of a series of events around the subject mobility. On this basis, Waag and DIVV will map opportunities, needs and requirements of both data owners and developers.

The themes

  1. Within the theme Public Transport, we wanted to release more information and we were looking for interactive applications for travelers. Although there is plenty of travel information available, but there is a lack of broader data: tips for the best 'coffee-to-go' or crowdsourced ratings of services for instance. Current and real-time data is also needed, for example to show changes (eg stops that are temporarily closed).
  2. Cycling in big cities knows a number of problems: unsafe traffic situations or bicycle traffic jams' make cycling uncomfortable. However, there is insufficient data available to develop a good policy. Within the theme Cycling, the main focus lies on generating (crowdsourced) data. You can think of specific issues such as bicycle parking or abandoned bicycles (disposal costs are 50 to 60 euros per bike), the prevention of theft, the visualization of bicycle flows and improving traffic safety.
  3. On average, finding a parking spot for your car takes about 12 minutes in big cities. Moreover, car-ownership in cities has not declined, but because of the crowds car owners use public transport or their bicycle more often. The consequence: many parked cars, that only move occasionally. In the theme Parking, we looked for smart applications that address these issues.


Project duration

13 Feb 2014 - 15 May 2014


  • Gemeente Amsterdam DIVV