Job Spierings door Jimena Gauna voor Waag

Job SpieringsDirector of Operations & Transitions

Job Spierings is Operations & Transitions Director at Waag. He supports the organisation in gaining insight in and overview of the required and available capacity of people and resources. In addition, he facilitates projects that are in an intermediate or transition phase, with coordination and process design. He is specialised in international collaborations.

Previously, Job was Head of Code Programme at Waag. Here, he has led research projects in the field of digitisation of heritage collections, digital identity, participatory policy development and guidelines for algorithms. Job studied musicology at Utrecht University and subsequently worked as an artist and business manager in classical and contemporary music. 

Closed projects

Public Stack: the alternative internet

Public Stack visual
Future Internet Lab
The internet is broken, but alternatives are available. We call the collection of these open, fair and safe alternatives the Public Stack.

Algorithms: practical guidelines

Brein AI visual
Future Internet Lab
The government is working on a framework for the use of algorithms. Waag investigates how this framework works in practice. Does it ask relevant questions? Can decisions be explained? Is it clear what the impact and responsibilities are?

Digital Identity Lab

Digitale Identiteit visual
Future Internet Lab
The Digital Identity Lab looked for new ideas, concepts and concrete tools that can include a reliable and secure digital identity.

Amsterdam Sounds

Amsterdam Sounds project
Smart Citizens Lab
Making cooperative tools for civic participation and citizen science in the field of noise pollution.


WeMakeThe.City is the festival that makes cities better.

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab
Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.

Mobility Urban Values

MUV Buitenveldert
Future Internet Lab
Mobility Urban Values (MUV) is a three-year European project that examines how to engage citizens with 'gamification' in stimulating towards sustainable mobility choices in their neighbourhood.


Amsterdam IJ
Co-creation Lab
Cities-4-People is a three year project that aims to implement a pilot program running at five urban and peri-urban areas where citizens, city authorities and innovation experts will work together as ‘communities’ to define the transport and mobility challenges and priorities that interest them, co-design ideas and concepts, put these concepts to the real test and then scale up those more potent.


DECODE Amsterdam
Future Internet Lab
DECODE develops practical alternatives through the creation, evaluation and demonstration of a distributed and open architecture for managing online identity, personal and other data, and collective governance in a citizen-friendly and privacy-aware fashion.

Smart Retrofitting for Urban Housing

Smart retrofitting for urban housing
Future Internet Lab
This project researches the effect of co-creation on the energy reduction during home renovations.


Amsterdam waters aerial view
Smart Citizens Lab
The Amsterdecks project aims to offer insights in the water quality and the accessibility of the public waters of Amsterdam for its citizens and visitors.

Maptime AMS

Amsterdam kaart van J. Blaeu
Future Internet Lab
Maptime was, rather literally, time for mapmaking.