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Open Data Tourism Hack at home

From the European Open Cities project a new challenge has started to build apps that help cities manage their challenges related to tourism, titled Open Data Tourism Hack at home. It brings together two important themes of the smart city - open data and sensor networks - and uses them to help European cities find new ways to manage the big challenges and benefits of tourism today. The competition is open to all app creators (developers, designers, users with ideas, etc.) under the condition that one uses Open Data (data freely available to everyone).

For the winner of the best app a prize of € 3000,- is available. The competition starts on 13 May 2013 and runs until 13 November 2013. Participants that do not wish to enter the competion on their own, can form a team or can call on experts to help them. Three steps are involved in participating:

  1. Check the problem statements and start developing your app to solve them;
  2. Build your app at home with the help of experts;
  3. Participate in the online competition and win prizes for the best app, the best use of Open Data or the app most voted for. 

The website offers an extensive briefing about the goal of the competition and the rules for participation. There is a forum available and mentors are available to help with questions related to the Tourism Sector, UX, Technology and the use of Open Data, Marketing and Business plans.