BouwRecycling Award
BouwRecycling Award BY

Recycling Award for students TU Delft

Six students of the TU Delft have won the ‘BouwRecycling Award’ with their research. The students were commissioned by AEB Amsterdam, TU Delft and Waag. The explored how plastic recycling can be stimulated and the quality can be improved by using e.g. additional codes on packaging.

These six students were involved in the study: Alice van Rixel, Chloé Lejeune, Jason Kiem, Nadieh Kamp, Suzanne Dietz and Tim van Dijken. Supervisor dr. Ir. M.C.M. Bakker. In collaboration with: AEB Amsterdam (Sietse Agema) and Waag (Tom Demeyer).

More information can be found in the Dutch version of this news item.