Apps for Amsterdam
Waag BY

Report on Apps for Amsterdam

At the beginning of 2011, Waag organized the first 'Apps contest' in The Netherlands, called 'Apps for Amsterdam'. The purpose of this contest was to stimulate the use of local data from the City of Amsterdam (one of the partners in the project) through newly developed Apps (mobile or web-based), following the concept of innovative contests like 'Apps for Democracy'.

As this was one of the (first) projects within a cooperation between European cities called 'Open Cities' we published a report on the contest titled 'Apps for Amsterdam, a city opening up' (pdf), giving the results, stats and lessons learned.

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About Open Cities

The project ‘Open Cities’ is co-founded by the European Union and aims to validate how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation methodologies to the Public Sector in a scenario of Future Internet Services for Smart Cities.

It will do so by leveraging existing tools, trials and platforms in Crowdsourcing, Open Data, Fiber to the Home and Open Sensor Networks in seven major European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona.