Maakplaats 021

SellSTEM: PhD-position on Maakplaatsen and STEAM education

In the European SellSTEM project, which includes the Dutch universities of Leiden and Delft, fifteen PhD positions are opening up. One of these PhDs from TU Delft will be doing research in Waag and OBA's Maakplaatsen for a few months. Waag will also organise a day of training for all PhDs in this project. 

What is SellSTEM?

SellSTEM (Spatially Enhanced Learning linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is a European project, consisting of a network of ten research institutes or universities. The project is aimed at researching spatial ability for children, and especially focuses on the lack of skill girls seem to develop at an early age. This is a disadvantage for them when it comes to STEM education, focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths, and leads to a shortage of women focusing on these subjects later in life. 

Throughout Europe, fifteen PhD positions have been opened up for the SellSTEM project.

One researcher will have his desk at Waag for a few months, in order to research activities taking place in our maker spaces for children in various public libraries throughout Amsterdam. The researcher, associated with the TU Delft, will focus on developing spatial ability for children through 'Maakplaats'-activities, and the role of gender in this. Waag will bring forward her expertise in maker education, will give a desk to the researcher for a few monts, and will organise a joint training day for all PhDs within the SellSTEM project.