Support for people with dementia

Creating an appropriate support system for people with dementia, so they can remain longer in their own homes. Universities, media and tech companies, healthcare organisations and municipalities in the region Gooi en Vecht are going to cooperate to make this possible in a project called FIT.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, VUmc, Waag and TNO will work together in this project. In 2040, one in four Dutchmen will be older than 65. And, after the age of 65, the chances to get dementia double every 5 years.

Smart technology could offer help in remaining independent when diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. But until now, there was no overview of what is available on the market, or how these products and services could contribute in living independently longer. It is hard to find the right products for both sufferers of dementia, and for the people who give care. The project, FIT, aims to help people to find the right product or service for their needs.

It will do so in three phases:

  • Mapping supply and demand.
  • Study the fit between supply and demand, design a help and evaluation method.
  • A final phase where the help method is tested, to determine personalised support packages.