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Time flies when you're making maps

Time flies when you're making maps. Last November, Waag's Maptime chapter started with an introduction meeting on digital mapmaking - six months and six meetups later, we've covered a wide range of subjects.

We learned about cartograms and geometric algorithms, made hand-drawn one-dimensional maps, we designed maps with Mapbox Studio, Henk van Houtum tought us what he means with cartopolitics and Hans van der Meer showed why you can immediately tell that you've crossed the Dutch-Belgian border. And during one of the last meetups, we used our Fablab's laser cutter, OpenStreetMap data and open source geospatial software to make physical visualizations of street patterns.

A guided tour through Amsterdam

On Wednesday May 20th, it was time for the last edition of Maptime before the summer (but we'll be back in September). The night started with a walk around the neighbourhood, guided by Cees Holtkamp. He's famous for his confectionery and cookie recipes, but he knows everything about the history of Amsterdam, too.

Back at the Waag, Huib Morel and Hubert Kraaijvanger of the former Actiegroep Nieuwmarkt showed slides and photos from their archives, and told about how the neighbourhood changed between 1970 and 1980, the years around the construction of the subway line.