Tom Demeyer
Marco Baiwir BY
publieke digitale infrastructuur

Tom Demeyer continues as research fellow at Waag Futurelab

On 1 April 2024, Tom Demeyer, head of technology at Waag Futurelab, began a new phase of his association with the organisation. After more than 25 years of service, he will continue as a research fellow. In this role, he will remain involved in researching and developing open, fair and inclusive technology.

As a fellow, he will use his experience, knowledge and networks to support Waag. The fellowship has a duration of two years and its topic is 'Public Digital Infrastructure'. Demeyer has been working at Waag on this topic for some time through research projects within the public stack, on digital identity, anonymity online, digital disinformation, authenticity, open data and online government transparency, among others. In this way, Demeyer will continue to contribute to the organisation's mission and technical portfolio. From Waag, Demeyer co-founded Public Spaces, a unique coalition of more than 45 public organisations working together on an alternative digital ecosystem based on public values.

Tom Demeyer worked on several studies and publications (all in Dutch).