De Baas op internet

Toolkit: The Boss of the Internet

Who is the boss on the internet? Is it Google? Or the government? Or is it you? Find out in the The Boss of the Internet teaching programme.

Gaming, school, contact with friends, grandpa, grandma: you need a computer and access to the Internet for everything these days. But do you actually know how the internet works? How can a Snapchat message get from one phone to another? Where does your internet connection actually come from? And why do you almost never have to pay for an app or site? In the teaching programme The Boss of the Internet, we explain it all to you.

Please note: the teaching programme is in Dutch.

Who is The Boss of the Internet for?

The Boss of the Internet is suitable for children aged 10-14, but it is also very educational for your parents!

What will you learn about the internet?

The programme consists of six online modules that can be downloaded free of charge. Topics covered include the power structures of the internet, the importance of privacy, algorithms, data, cookies, trackers and encryption. They are translated into practical, hands-on, interactive and, above all, fun assignments.

The aim is for children to become more digitally literate by better understanding exactly how the internet network works. And it is allowed to be a bit of fun; so you design your own escape room, recreate the internet with sponges and straws and design the best possible self-driving car.

Who came up with The Boss of the Internet?

Waag, Bits of Freedom and Network Democracy jointly developed the programme a few years ago, because they felt that media literacy education did not pay enough attention to the technology behind the internet and protection of data traffic. In current times, this teaching programme has gained new relevance.