De Staat van het Internet 2022
Tetsuro Miyazaki ©

Towards a cyberspace based on all of our human rights

For the State of the Internet, each year Waag and partners invite an expert to estimate the state the internet is in. In 2022, this was renowned human rights lawyer Nani Jansen Reventlow. On Thursday 31 March, she gave her lecture in the public library of Amsterdam (OBA), titled: 'Towards a cyberspace based on all of our human rights'. De Groene Amsterdammer published the lecture in their magazine and on their website, where you can read it in whole. Please note that the lecture is in Dutch.

Have a chat in De Groene Ruimte

In collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer, Waag created an online safe digital public space where we can discuss the future of the internet. 'De Groene Ruimte' uses the Element app. Would you like to join in and contribute? Head to the Groene website for a description on how to install the app and start or join a conversation (in Dutch).


The State of the Internet 2022 was organised by Waag, De Groene Amsterdammer, SIDN, CTO Amsterdam and Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA). For years, SIDN fonds has been supporting internet initiatives that shape a strong internet, which secures public values.