Waag 25 jaar impact kasteel

Videoseries 25 years of impact

At the end of 2019, Waag celebrates her 25th birthday. An anniversary year that must be celebrated. We do this with this video series in which we show some of the people behind Waag and the themes they are working. In this series we zoom in on a number of themes from our research agenda.

Smart Citizens

In the Smart Citizens Lab we explore tools and applications that you can use to map the world around you. We use open-source technology to enable citizens to measure their immediate living environment on various themes such as noise, water and air quality. 


MakeHealth brings people with a care need and care professionals together with designers and makers. We involve healthcare professionals, informal caregivers and people with a care need in design practice. This way, their solutions become better, cheaper and are openly available and can be shared with people all over the world. 

planet B

Imagine a place that's a lot like the earth. We call it planet B. Planet B is a place of natural beauty - unaffected by pollution, uncontrolled by satellites, unaffected by the negative side of human progress. Planet B offers scientists, artists and citizens a workplace to develop symbolic and material answers to the social and environmental challenges that we face. 

Maker Education 

In an increasingly technology-dominated society, it is important to be able to deal critically with that technology. Creative education is an approach that looks at how a maker's mindset and 21-century skills can help in this, so that people find their place in society (better). Learning from a make perspective is learning (by making) and connects head and heart.