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Waag Academy is live!

Waag Academy is a place for thought leaders, professionals, council members, curious teachers or creative individuals who are looking for knowledge, inspiration or hands-on skills.

A workshop on recent technological issues such as the self-driving car, privacy, and big data? Or dyeing textiles with bacteria? Multiple day professional courses for teachers interested in maker education. Waag Academy also has interesting programmes for organisations. Through custom programmes we can develop a programme tailor-made to fit your organisation. Find the all information on the Waag Academy website. 

The Waag Academy proposal consists of:

  • Academies: intensive courses over several weeks.
  • Bootcamps: multi-day professional development courses.
  • Workshops: short programmes about current themes and DIY.
  • Speakers

For over 20 years, Waag has explored the social and cultural impact of technology. Through its projects, Waag encourages active citizenship, critical thinking, a DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality, and the application of these principles when designing innovative solutions. Waag Academy bundles the key knowledge and methods garnered from the work of our Care, Code, Learn and Make research groups. Through our programmes and workshops, we involve the public in our core mission: make technology and society open, fair and inclusive.

Find out more about Waag Academy.